Chapter 13 — Entrusting The Human And Heavenly Beings


At that time, the World Honored One raised his golden arms and touched the head of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha, Mahasattva. Then He said, “Ksitigarbha, Ksitigarbha, your divine power is inconceivable. Your benevolent and compassion heart is inconceivable. Your wisdom is inconceivable. Your eloquence is inconceivable. Thousands or millions of aeons is not enough time for the Buddhas from the Ten Directions to explain and praise your inconceivable qualities.


Ksitigarbha, Ksitigarbha, remember what I speak of today in Trayastrimsa Heaven – where thousands, millions and billions of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, heavenly beings, dragons and the others gather together. I request you to help those beings in heavens and worlds who are suffering. Do not let them to fall into evil level even for a single day and night, or fall into the five endless hells and Arbi Hell and suffer hardships for thousands, millions or billions of aeons.


Ksitigarbha, those beings of the worlds have unstable minds. They are used to doing evil. Even though they raise a good heart, they soon reject it. If they are in an evil environment, their minds will increase in evil little by little. Therefore, I incarnate hundreds, thousands or billions of forms, according to their personalities, to help and cultivate them.


Ksitigarbha, today, I sincerely entrust multitudes in the heavens and the worlds to you. In the future, if any heavenly being or any good man or good woman in any of the worlds plants a tiny good root in Buddhadharma, even as tiny as a hair, a speck of dust, a grain of sand or a drop of water, you should use your divine power to protect this person. Guide him on the path of Dharma, step by step and never allow him to regress or lose it.”


Moreover, Ksitigarbha, in the future, those heavenly or human beings about to fall into the evil level, if at the front door of hell they can recite a Buddha’s or a Bodhisattva’s name, or a sentence from a Mahayana sutra, you should use your divine power and employ every possible way to help and save them. You can manifest your limitless form around their homes and shatter the hells for them. Let all of them ascend to heaven and enjoy wonderful happiness.”


At that time, the World Honored One spoke a verse:


“Those heavenly beings and humans now and in the future, I sincerely entrust them all to you. Using great divine power to cross them over, do not allow them to fall into the evil levels.”


At that time, Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha, Mahasattva knelt down, placed his hands together and said to Buddha, “World Honored One, please do not be concerned. In the future, if any good man or good woman shows a little reverence for Buddhadharma, I shall use hundreds or thousands of convenient ways to help and cultivate this person and relieve him or her from suffering. Those people who have studied the Dharma and have heard of good deeds will progress naturally and will never regress from the Way.”


Present at the meeting while Buddha spoke was a Bodhisattva name Empty Space Store, who asked Buddha, “World Honored One, since I came to Trayastrimsa, I have heard you eulogize the inconceivable divine power of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha. In the future, how many benefits may a good man or good woman, and those heavenly beings and dragons who hear this sutra, Ksitigarbha’s name, or worship his image receive? May World Honored One please speak for all those beings now and in the future.”


The Buddha told Bodhisattva Empty Space Store, “Listen, listen, I shall explain this to you. In the future, any good man or good woman who sees the image of Ksitigarbha or hears this sutra, who recites it and offers fragrant flowers, food, clothing or precious jewellery, and who reverently praises, gazes at and worship him will earn these twenty eight benefits:

They will be protected by heavenly beings and dragons.

They will increase in good mind day after day.

They will accumulate superior wisdom.

They will never regress from Bodhi.

They will be opulent in food and clothing.

They will never suffer from any disease.

They will be far away from flood, fire and disaster.

They will not be stolen from or robbed.

They will be respected by everyone.

Gods and ghosts will help and support them.

A woman may be reborn as a male in the next life.

A woman may be born as a king’s or minister’s daughter.

They will be born with good-looking features.

They will be reincarnated in heaven.

They may be reincarnated as a king.

They will be aware of their former lives.

They will obtain anything they ask.

Their families and relatives will be joyful.

All disasters or accidents will be eliminated.

They will be rid of all bad karma.

They will go anywhere without problems.

They will have pleasant and peaceful dreams.

Their deceased relatives will be far away from suffering.

They will receive the blessings from their past lives.

They will be praised by Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

They will become intelligent and have a good roots.

They will possess a merciful heart.

They will ultimately realize Buddhahood.

復次虛空藏菩薩! 若現在未來,天龍鬼神,聞地藏名,禮地藏形,或聞地藏本願事行,讚歎瞻禮,得七種利益:

Moreover, Bodhisattva Empty Space Store, the heavenly beings, dragons, ghosts or gods now and in the future who hear Ksitigarbha’s name, worship Ksitigarbha’s image or know of Ksitigarbha’s accomplishments, and praise, gaze at and worship him can obtain seven benefits:

They will soon ascend to the sage’s land.

Their evil karma will be eliminated.

All Buddhas will protect them.

They will never regress from Bodhi.

Their natural powers will increase.

They will know their past lives.

They will ultimately realize Buddhahood.”


Thus, at that time, from Ten Directions, came all the uncountable Buddhas and Great Bodhisattvas, gods, dragons and others to hear Buddha Sakyamuni eulogize the great divine power of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha. Such inconceivable divine power had never before been known.


And thus, at that time, boundless fragrant flowers, heavenly garments, treasures and jewels rained down in the Trayastrimsa Heaven as offerings to Buddha Sakyamuni and Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha. All those at the assembly again regarded Buddha with respect, then bowed reverently, placed their hands together, and withdrew.